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Anyone who has read our publications will notice that we are able to demonstrate how the pronouncements of ISKCON’s leaders are mired in continual contradictory gibberish. Good examples are our “Error in every sentence” series and our “100 Deviations/Contradictions” books. Our readers have all marvelled how such a phenomenon is possible. How can those who, on the one hand, proclaim themselves to be self-realised transparent via media to the parampara, at the same time spew forth statements which do not even make sense, and which even a child would be embarrassed to make? And all the while proclaiming it to be the highest level of Gaudiya Vaisnava philosophy? How do they manage to claim that “black” is “white” and “night” is “day”, while at the same time keeping a straight face? Simple. You just need to invent a world in which “black” does become “white”, and “night” does become “day”. And they do this simply by making up a new language where the words mean whatever you decide they mean. Below we present a special cut-out-and-keep guide to this fantasy language used by ISKCON’s leaders. In future, when reading the usual nonsensical contradictory pronouncements from ISKCON’s leadership, one may keep this guide handy as a translation device to decode their statements. In this way, the rest of us on planet earth who use normal language, will get an insight into the workings of the fantasy language used on planet ISKCON.

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