The Real State of the Movement


Back To Prabhupada, Issue 18, Winter 2007/8, Quotes, Notes & News

"It seems that 96% of initiated disciples in ISKCON do not live in our temples. What this means is that we are without doubt no longer an 'international confederation of temples, restaurants and farms' - something we often mention to the public when they ask us what we are …"
(Kripamoya Das, ISKCON European Council Chairman, The Vaishnava Voice, July 20th, 2007)

"In the UK's Bhaktivedanta Manor, although the number of ashram residents remains relatively high compared to the rest of the world, most of the voluntary single staff have been replaced by employed householders receiving a stipend. Many ashram bunks are occupied not by local recruits but by devotees migrating from India, Russia and Eastern Europe."
(Rasamanadala Das, Co-ordinator, ISKCON Educational Services, 40 Years of Chant and Change, 2007)

"Compared to during Srila Prabhupada's time, ISKCON is stagnant. When you go to the West, you see Indians manning the temples. This means that Westerners are not joining, and Indians, because it is their thing, are joining despite our lack of preaching."
('Insights from Bhakti Caru Swami', Krishna Kripa Das, March 24th, 2007)

"My observation of preaching in America is that our temples seem to be stuck in the mood of maintenance rather than preaching. […] A lot of the emphasis is on Deity worship and preaching to the Indian population. […] I think that we are failing to reach the Western population."
(Candramauli Swami, Sannyasa Report 2006-07)

1) An ISKCON leader is admitting that ISKCON misleads the public regarding the actual state of the movement. This should not be surprising since they already mislead everyone regarding the most important fact about the movement - that Srila Prabhupada is its Guru!

2) Bhaktivedanta Manor is said to have more devotees than most other ISKCON temples, and yet is itself staffed largely by 'third world' migrants and salaried employees, and thus other ISKCON temples must be in an even worse state.

3) Westerners are no longer attracted to the movement, only Indians.

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