ISKCON’s Ritvik System Summarised


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In previous issues we published various articles highlighting different facets of how ISKCON’s GBC has in recent years, and after the launch of BTP, aligned its guru system more and more to Srila Prabhupada’s original ritvik initiation system, as advocated by the IRM. Here we bring together and build upon these articles, to comprehensively present how, from top to bottom, ISKCON has now actually moved to adopt a ritvik system of initiation, with one key difference. When meeting any guru hoaxer or his supporter, one simply needs to show them this diagram, which will instantly silence them by proving that:

• The ritvik system of initiation must be correct since the guru hoaxers themselves follow it.
• They are cheaters for using the ritvik system to enrich themselves.

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Evidence for above:

PCI function: Common in ISKCON. See, for example, initiation ceremony given by Bhakti Charu Swami (“BCS”) on 22/7/2011.

PCI relationship to initiate:
Official ISKCON Guru-disciple course conducted by ISKCON UK describes the general situation in ISKCON today: “the spiritual master may only meet you once a year perhaps.”

PCI status:
Initiates of Prabhavishnu and Umapati considered to be duly initiated even though both were deviating at time of initiations; Prabhavishnu since 2001 (GBC statement, 2/2/2012) and Umapati for a “number of years” before 2010 (GBC meetings 2010).

Parampara connection: In the examples above, no re-initiation is required, and initiates are considered to be connected to Srila Prabhupada and the parampara, without any other member of the parampara in between.

Initiation ceremony:
See, for example, initiation ceremony given by BCS on 22/7/2011.

Spiritual teachings:
GBC resolutions: No. 35, 1994; No. 404, 1999; No. 409, 1999.

ISKCON guru BCS statements: 28/3/2006,10/6/2007, 7/4/2006; and ISKCON guru Kripamoya Das: 6/5/2007.

See Laws of ISKCON, “Worship and Etiquette”

1. Unfortunately, due to the “Title and payment” item described above, this perfectly illustrates the point just detailed in the editorial. Here, Srila Prabhupada’s initiation system, teachings, and Srila Prabhupada himself are misused to allow one a platform by which one can then insert oneself into the picture, usurp Srila Prabhupada’s position, and take power and worship for oneself.

2. This platform of power is then misused to introduce wholesale deviation in the movement from top to bottom; copious evidence for which we provide in every BTP issue, and we provided a brief summary of some of the main deviations in BTP 30, “ISKCON’s New Mission”.

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