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an a guru be voted in? Not according to the scriptures we follow. [...] A guru is not a title than can be conferred by anyone else except the student."
(ISKCON guru Kripamoya Dasa, 31/8/2013)


"HG Kripamoya prabhu is authorized to give diksa initiation in ISKCON."
("Guru Services Minister", HH Prahladananda Swami, 5/4/2011)

"A candidate for guru in ISKCON must first receive a three-fourths majority vote of approval in a council composed of all the GBC zonal secretaries of his current preaching area and at least ten other senior devotees residing in his area of activity."
(GBC Resolution 413, 2004)

So, Kripamoya Dasa says one cannot be a guru through voting, and cannot have the title of guru conferred on him by anyone other than the student. Yet, he himself became a GBC-elected ISKCON guru by having the title conferred on him by being authorised by the GBC through voting! Thus, according to Kripamoya Dasa, his position as guru (and that of many others in ISKCON) is unauthorised!

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