Hoaxer Embarrassment


Back To Prabhupada, Issue 53, Autumn 2016

BTP 50 carried an article titled "ISKCON Guru Destroys ISKCON Guru System".
In this article we exposed ISKCON guru hoaxer HG Kripamoya Dasa ("KMD") destroying the philosophical foundation of the very GBC guru system that voted him in as a guru – in a GBC-endorsed book he published called The Guru & Disciple Book. However, KMD has claimed that this BTP article actually promoted his book:

"I'm always grateful for free advertising ... Actually, I think ‘ISKCON Guru destroys ISKCON Guru System' is a great headline, and a compelling ad for my book. If I hadn't written it and I saw that headline I'd want to read it. Thanks IRM!"
(KMD, 19/8/16)

1) KMD claims that just the headline for the IRM article alone is a "compelling ad" for his book.
2) KMD claims that by seeing this headline alone, one would want to read his book.

However, the facts are:

a) "ISKCON Guru Destroys ISKCON Guru System" makes no mention of any book, or even the fact that such a book may exist. Hence, it is impossible for this headline to be a "compelling ad" for a book, whose very existence – never mind identity – cannot be ascertained from the headline.

b) Consequently, it is similarly impossible that this headline will make one "want to read" a book whose existence has not even been revealed by the headline.

c) Rather, since KMD feels that the headline is so persuasive, and the headline is for a BTP article, then according to KMD's logic the great headline will only make people "want to read" the actual BTP article it refers to!

3) And, after reading the BTP article, people are hardly going to want to read KMD's book when they see it is full of contradictory nonsense – which we also highlighted in a BTP article titled "40 Years of Cheating", in Issue 49.

We can only note how embarrassing the BTP 50 article must have been for KMD, that in order to try and deflect from such a humiliating exposé of his book, he has been forced out of desperation to resort to offering such nonsensical gibberish "arguments" in response.

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