Dishonest Tactics Required to Oppose the IRM


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GBC-elected diksa guru Kripamoya Dasa ("KMD") vehemently believes in the right of everyone to freely attack religious beliefs:

"The God I believe in gives me the absolute freedom to commit blasphemy, if I so choose. Everyone should have the same freedom."
(KMD, social media, 3/4/17)

He also agreed with the following statement promoting the freedom of the "Britain First" political party to hate religion, by quoting it and stating that the points it makes highlight "A worrying development to free-thinking" (KMD, social media, 8/3/18):

"Is it a crime to ‘demonstrate hostility to the Muslim faith'? The jailing of Britain First's leaders suggests it might be. And however much you hate Britain First, that should worry you. No one should be punished for hating religion".
(Brendan O'Neill)

He has made a number of similar statements supporting the freedom to insult, hate and condemn religious beliefs. After all, as quoted above, he believes in the "absolute freedom" to "commit blasphemy", which basically covers anything derogatory one may say about a religious belief.

Yet these strong beliefs of KMD can be compared with the following statement he made:

"Yet freedom of expression, no matter what the belief, does not include the absolute freedom to insult deeply-held religious convictions, or a community's saints or teachers. And it certainly does not include the right to incite others to hatred on the basis of that person's race, appearance or beliefs."
(KMD, "The Latest IRM Journalism needs some Media Ethics", posted on 2/8/12)

Note here KMD states the exact opposite. Here he says one does not have the "absolute freedom" to insult or hate religion, even though he believes in the "absolute freedom to commit blasphemy"! The reason for this 180 degree head spinning flip-flop is because here he was specifically responding to the IRM exposing the ISKCON guru hoax, which he desperately needs to find some way to oppose. Hence, he put forward anti-freedom-of-speech arguments that he does not even believe in just so he could shut down the IRM's position, since he cannot defeat it with facts!

Another example of such a flip-flop was him engaging in the following rant against the IRM's position:

"After Prabhupada, basically there are no more gurus. Prabhupada is the one guru who has come. He's the one guru who's come and Prabhupada will save you. So let's bypass all the mechanics of parampara".
(KMD Lecture, 27/2/18)

So he attacks the idea that Srila Prabhupada will "save you" as part of his rant against the IRM's position that Srila Prabhupada is the "one guru who has come", because he claims that this bypasses the parampara (disciplic succession). However, he has already gone on record and stated that Srila Prabhupada will save everyone in ISKCON:

"And certainly we are all depending on Srila Prabhupada to intercede with Krishna so that we can attain His shelter. [...] He is surely our guarantee of salvation if we follow his instructions and personal example in our daily life."
(KMD, The Vaishnava Voice, 6/5/07)

Thus, again, KMD puts forward an argument–that to say Srila Prabhupada will save us is against the parampara–that he does not even agree with, just so he can oppose the IRM's position.

This is what happens when one tries to defeat the truth regarding Srila Prabhupada's position as ISKCON's diksa guru – out of desperation one has to even sink to stating things one does not believe.

KMD recently stated that:

"A piece of religious writing, even if respected by millions, must always be subjected to logical scrutiny".
(KMD, social media, 5/2/18)

Thus, KMD is damned by his own prescription. Because when we subject KMD's own writing to "logical scrutiny", as we have done here, we find dishonest tactics–for to put forward arguments one does not even believe in is profoundly dishonest. A dishonesty necessitated by the desperate need to oppose a viewpoint that threatens one's position as Srila Prabhupada's unauthorised diksa guru "successor".

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