Sex Guru’s 180° Flip Following BTP Exposé


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In BTP 54, "Changing the Regulative Principles – 1", we exposed GBC-elected diksa guru HG Mahatma Dasa ("MAD") deviating from Srila Prabhupada's teachings by promoting illicit sex. However, he has now agreed with the points that we made in the aforementioned BTP article and condemned the deviations he himself had preached. And due to this contradictory flip-flop, he has actually condemned himself, as we shall now show. All the quotes in shaded boxes are from a lecture that MAD gave on 3/2/18 via live streaming on social media. All emphases added.

Anti-Prabhupada with no mercy

Commenting on the teachings of a former ISKCON "guru", MAD states:

"He was trying to rationalize that sex is love. It's how you express affection towards the opposite sex."

In the BTP 54 article, we quoted MAD stating something very similar, that sex can be expressed to create a closer bonding and better relationship with the opposite sex:

"It (sex) should be used to create a closer bonding between them. [...] as men who have sexual desire, they have to learn if they want to express it, to express it in a way which helps the relationship, which creates what you could call a better bonding or a closer relationship or a better relationship with the wife".
(MAD Lecture, "What is illicit sex" - this reference applies to all bolded MAD quotes in this article)

Continuing, MAD condemns this former ISKCON guru's sex philosophy, stating:

"And he's trying to justify it to make himself look good. As the one who's finally got the realization that Prabhupada missed something, spiritual sex. Prabhupada just missed that."

However, we quoted MAD preaching the same sex philosophy to also make himself look good and get plaudits, and he also claimed that it was something that Srila Prabhupada "missed" speaking about:

"And I expressed this to one senior Godsister because she was also interested in this discussion about what is illicit sex and when she heard that she said that is wonderful, she was so happy to hear that [...] Prabhupada has never discussed this publicly. [...] He's never talked about satisfying one's partner."

MAD concludes about this sex philosophy:

"You can't support that in Prabhupada's books because he doesn't say that. He said sex is for procreation. He never said sex is an expression of love. [...] So he [former ISKCON "guru"] had developed a philosophy which was in total opposition to Bhagavatam and everything Prabhupada said [...] he lost the mercy of his guru, he offended his guru [...] so that's what happens when Krishna takes away His mercy. The brain doesn't work. It can't understand."

But this applies equally to MAD himself, since as we just showed, he was also preaching the same philosophy!

I don't tell the truth

MAD now states that the "truth" is that any sex act not engaged in specifically for procreation is sinful:

"But I'll say the truth, Prabhupada said, ‘Sex for any other reason than procreation is sinful' [...] Sex within marriage where there is not the desire to propagate is sinful."

However, earlier MAD had stated the opposite, that Srila Prabhupada permits sex even if it is not for procreation, as long as birth control is not used:

"Prabhupada has sometimes given the definition that no illicit sex means no sex outside of marriage. [...] My understanding of what he means is that even if you don't plan – if your sexual act is not planning to have children but you don't take birth control [...] So sometimes Prabhupada says illicit sex means no sex out of marriage – that's what he means."

Thus, by now agreeing with the real definition of illicit sex that we gave in the BTP 54 article, MAD is exposed as admitting to not having told the truth.

Destroying Krishna consciousness

MAD states that trying to rationalise and make a philosophy for not strictly following Srila Prabhupada's standards will destroy Krishna consciousness:

"don't rationalize your not being to the standard because that's going to destroy everything. [...] Just be honest about it. Don't try to create a philosophy around it because that will just destroy Krishna Consciousness."

However, we quoted MAD doing just this, rationalising having illicit sex by making a philosophy of it being a "service":

"keeping the marriage together is more important than strictly adhering to the most, the highest definition of illicit sex. [...] you're doing it as a service and so obviously it requires a lot of detachment to do this as a service."

Thus, MAD has to agree that his preaching has been contributing to destroying Krishna consciousness.


1) MAD has done a 180-degree flip-flop and agreed with BTP's exposé of him that he was talking complete nonsense.

2) By making such a contradictory flip-flop, MAD is a rascal:

Srila Prabhupada: "If he says contradictory things, is he not a rascal?"
Sandy Nixon: "Well, he's contradicting himself."
Srila Prabhupada: "Therefore he is a rascal."
(Room Conversation, 13/7/75)

3) By making this flip-flop, and now condemning his earlier statements, MAD has accepted that:

a) He developed a philosophy that is in total opposition to Srimad-Bhagavatam and everything Srila Prabhupada said.
b) He offended Srila Prabhupada.
c) He lost the mercy of Srila Prabhupada and Krishna.
d) His brain stopped working and he could not understand what he was saying.
e) He does not tell the truth.
f) He contributed to destroying Krishna consciousness.

Thus, MAD is now exposed as admitting that he was acting as a deviant offender rather than a bona fide diksa guru all this time, despite posing as the latter and taking disciples.

Nor does this recent flip-flop change the fact that he is still an unauthorised GBC guru, who also speaks nonsense on other subjects (for example, please see BTP 55, "ISKCON ‘Sex Guru' Attacks BTP").


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