ISKCON Guru’s Identity Crisis


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"You printed a letter in BTP 60 which referenced ISKCON GBC guru Kripamoya Dasa's shameless hypocrisy and contradictory double standards ["Defaming Prophet Muhammad" — Ed.]. This intrigued me and got me to look more closely into his statements, as he is a well known preacher here in the UK. I was amazed to find that Kripamoya Dasa has a long history of contradicting himself, especially when it comes to the issue of Islam. Some examples below (emphases added):

Non-sectarian Kripamoya

"when I first met the devotees, [...] I said, well, I suppose you're going to tell me that you're right and everybody else is wrong. [...] because you've made a choice for the path of Krishna-bhakti and that means that you've chosen it over all the others. They said ‘no, we can't say that, because Krishna doesn't say it, He says everybody is on His path, and that there's only one path.' But on that one path, as you surrender to Krishna, as you come to understand Him, as you work out your relationship to Him, then He reveals Himself accordingly to you. So that answer satisfied me and I, of course, I stayed with the devotees up until today."
(Kripamoya broadcast, 22/10/18)

Anti-Islam sectarian Kripamoya

"My response to an old friend, a former Vaishnava, who asks me to enter Islam: [...] Unfortunately, as you may know, I already have a conviction about the nature of eternity and the means to achieve it. I am sorry that our eternities do not match, and the means of attaining them also seem to be incompatible."
(Kripamoya on Twitter, 2/1/18)

Non-sectarian Kripamoya

"the local Hindu temples began ringing bells, followed by the amplified calls to prayer from the minarets of the nearby mosques. The sounds all blended into a chorus of praise for the one God, who is known by many names."
(Kripamoya article, "My Dawn Chorus", 27/6/08)

Anti-Islam sectarian Kripamoya

"The Muslim call to prayer may be an essential part of the faith — but not the amplification thereof. Calls should be unamplified."
(Kripamoya on social media, 30/10/16)"

- Chetan Thankey, Lancing, UK

Editor replies:

We applaud your research, which provides further support for our original conclusions. It seems that Kripamoya Dasa has an identity crisis, with two personalities contained within the same body: Sometimes he is the ecumenical, non-sectarian preacher, and other times he is the inimical, sectarian preacher. Thus, sometimes he accepts that although there appear to be different religious paths, they are not incompatible because actually there is only one religious path that everyone is on. But then, other times, he also states that there are different religious paths which are actually incompatible! He approves of the amplified calls to prayer from mosques praising God, but also does not approve of the same. And thus one can never be sure which Kripamoya one may encounter at any particular time!

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