Misplaced Faith


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"Seeing too much craze about prasad and its distribution, and schools opened by ISKCON, etc., I came to the conclusion that these people cannot be serious in Krsna Consciousness. I want to know more about HH Radha Govind Swami Maharaja. I am getting my faith in him. Is it wrong if I take initiation from him?"
- Shubham Kumar, Jharkhand, India

Editor replies:

1) You are correct in your analysis regarding ISKCON not being "serious in Krsna consciousness".

2) You should only have faith in Srila Prabhupada as your guru, as he established himself as the only Acarya and diksa guru of ISKCON, and he never subsequently renounced his position in ISKCON and authorised any successors to take his place. Consequently, no one else, including the individual you mention, is authorised to accept disciples for themself in ISKCON. Simply visit our website www.iskconirm.com for proof of this fact.

3) In addition, you may note that the individual in whom you are getting "faith" fully supports being part of an organisation that you have no faith in, since you state that those in such an organisation are not "serious in Krsna consciousness". Consequently, it makes no sense and is contradictory for you to have faith in someone who himself has faith in that which you have no faith!

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