Double Defeat Means Double Proof


Back To Prabhupada, Issue 74, Vol. 3, 2022

In our many papers and books, as well as every issue of BTP, we are continually presenting clear evidence defeating the guru hoax. Such continual defeat exposes the guru hoax in more ways than one. All emphases added.

Double proof

Since the guru hoax assertions that we defeat are usually presented by the GBC-authorised guru hoaxers themselves, their arguments being exposed and defeated in this matter also presents an additional level of proof against the guru hoax. Because, by having their arguments defeated in this manner, it means that these so-called gurus themselves:

a) Do not know and understand Srila Prabhupada's key teachings;
b) But rather preach against Srila Prabhupada's teachings.

Thus, they are deviating in presenting the philosophy taught by Srila Prabhupada. Srila Prabhupada explains that such deviant disciples are not even qualified to be siksa gurus, never mind diksa gurus:

"Then so siksa and diksa-guru... A siksa-guru who instructs against the instruction of spiritual..., he is not a siksa-guru. He is a demon. [...] If one is disobeying the spiritual master, he cannot remain in the pure status of life. He cannot be siksa-guru or anything else. He is finished, immediately."
(Srila Prabhupada Lecture, 4/7/74)

Hence, just the very fact that they are continually defeated by the IRM in argument means that there are two proofs that the GBC gurus are not actually bona fide gurus:

i) First the actual defeating argument itself is proof against the guru hoax;
ii) Then, since this defeat means that the GBC gurus are unable to preach the truth, it proves that they are automatically disqualified from being bona fide spiritual masters who are fixed in knowledge rather than ignorance.

Defeat rationalised

Such philosophical defeat of the GBC guru hoaxers by the IRM has now even been rationalised! Hari Parsada Dasa ("HPD"), a member of the Sastric Advisory Council, the body of supposed "brahminical" advisors who guide the GBC philosophically, has claimed that GBC gurus being exposed making philosophical mistakes should be expected, since every guru will make such mistakes:

"Even if someone claims that their guru is very expert, still it is impossible for any expert jiva to avoid mistakes in the framework of the material world. [...] even the most expert gurus end up making mistakes [...] The article is speaking mainly about philosophical issues."
(HPD, The Public Exposé of the Guru's Faults, 3/6/22)

And, for good measure, HPD adds in the article that we should never expose the philosophical mistakes of such gurus either! He states that we must respect such gurus by:

"never speaking of their faults by naming them in public. To engage in public naming and fault-finding of one's guru-janas on the pretext of rendering service to the vaisnavas is nothing but a type of concealed envy"

However, Srila Prabhupada does not teach that the bona fide guru will make philosophical mistakes. And thus, HPD does not produce in his paper a single quote from Srila Prabhupada to support his conclusions.

Our gurus are useless

GBC voted-in guru HH Sivarama Swami ("SRS") goes even further in offering rationalisations for why one should not be surprised if GBC gurus are continually exposed by the IRM as generally talking nonsense and making mistakes. He states that it is possible for the guru to be a conditioned soul who makes mistakes so that even his own disciple may be more advanced than he is:

"if the guru is not transcendentally situated, if he's still a conditioned soul. So perhaps the disciple picked up on something and understood something that the spiritual master didn't. These things can happen. When someone's on a platform of bhava or prema then that won't be the case because they don't make mistakes"
(SRS Podcast, 6/7/22)

Hence, if even the disciple can understand something that the GBC guru cannot, then it is no surprise that the IRM does as well! And, as if being a mistake-prone conditioned soul wasn't disqualification enough, SRS further emphasises the useless quality of GBC gurus by admitting that they do not even have faith in themselves or the philosophy:

"that was enough for us. In other words, Prabhupada said, "Do what I say and you'll go back to Godhead." [...] "Just do what I say and you'll go back to Godhead". In fact, you know, I know some gurus who are not capable of saying that because they're not convinced."
(SRS, Srila Prabhupada Vyasa-puja Talk, 20/8/22)

Thus, SRS admits that there are GBC gurus who do not even have conviction in how to go back to Godhead. Whereas, SRS states that this was never an issue with Srila Prabhupada.

Practical demonstration

Then, as if to prove that GBC gurus such as himself are useless, mistake-prone individuals unqualified to be diksa gurus, SRS demonstrates this by making up what Lord Krsna states in the Bhagavad-gita:

"Krsna says that no matter how advanced is one's, or how qualified is one's initiating spiritual master, yoga-ksemam vahamy aham, if he's progressing to the point where he needs a spiritual master who is able to give him further instructions, higher instructions, then Krsna will make sure that one gets it."
(SRS Initiation Lecture, 15/5/22)

However, neither the Bhagavad-gita verse 9.22 – "yoga-ksemam vahamy aham" – which SRS refers to, nor its purport, makes any reference to the claim that "Krsna says" that the qualification of one's spiritual master does not matter. How could they, when Lord Krsna had already separately addressed the issue of the spiritual master and his qualification just a few chapters earlier. In Chapter 4, Verse 34, Lord Krsna states that one must accept a "self-realized" guru because he has seen the truth (Bg. 4.34). This completely obviates the need for accepting another spiritual master because one's spiritual master was incapable of providing the necessary "higher instructions". Therefore, Krsna would not then contradict Himself a little later by endorsing accepting unqualified spiritual masters. And, thus, it is no surprise that in Verse 9.22, Lord Krsna does not contradict Himself.


The GBC gurus are continually double-defeated philosophically in every BTP issue by the IRM, thus proving that they are hoaxers. And no amount of made-up rationalisation can change this simple fact.

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